The Events Center

All Saints Parish has embarked on an initiative to enhance the parish on property at St. John the
Baptist Catholic Church and St. John’s Catholic School in Brunswick, Maine. We are very excited
about the potential this project has for our work in continuing the mission of Jesus Christ, our vitality
as a community of faith, our commitment to Catholic School education, and continuing our involvement
as an enthusiastic member of the Mid-Coast Maine Region.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church is a true gem of architecture in our community and is frequently
visited by travelers touring the Mid-Coast region. Our school campus should reflect that beauty as well as
encourage all our parishioners to avail themselves of this wonderful Catholic school. Significant concept
development of the proposed center and requirements have been developed and are considered sound.

The Events Center will be a source of pride and ministry to the parishioners of All Saints Parish and create
a campus that will enhance student life at St. John’s School. The school population will certainly benefit,
as will all our parishioners as we focus on this effort and see it as a call to the ministry of our church –
to educate our children and ourselves in our Catholic faith.

Proposed Events Center Drawing